Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Inc.

The Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club…..

is an incorporated community-based association with the following objectives:


  • to encourage all facets of blue water touring;
  • to encourage and maintain high standards of safety and canoeing skills;
  • to develop specialised techniques and equipment;
  • to document and co-ordinate members’ canoeing and related activities;
  • to affiliate with such other bodies, associations or organisations as may from time to time be appropriate
  • to develop a Statement of Philosophy of Club canoeing activities and membership attitudes.



Getting Involved in Sea Canoeing…..

Canoe or Kayak?

Firstly, what is the difference between a canoe and kayak? In general terms we use these words interchangeably and it’s more a matter of history as to what is used. However, a canoe is usually an open decked boat whereas a kayak has a closed-in deck to shed water. Most Club members are then paddling sea kayaks rather than canoes.

Buying a Sea Canoe/Kayak?

If you do not already own a boat then we would suggest that you experience as many different types as possible before buying or building. Talk to members, borrow or hire boats. Outside the Club there are various commercial organisations who will allow you to try boats. The Club publishes useful notes that will assist you in the choice.

Building a Sea Kayak?

If building a boat appeals, tap the immense resources developed within the Club, both in published material and personal experience. The TSCC has a well deserved reputation for innovation in design and construction of sea kayaks, and quite a few of its members paddle ‘Club built’ boats.

And Starting to Paddle?

The Club programme specifies trips suitable for beginners. We also run training sessions for beginners. Don’t be shy, and don’t bite off too much to start with. Avoid paddling on your own, at least until you have mastered basic skills and safety procedures.

And first of all….

Contact the club by email with any queries. Complete the on-line membership application form. A current trip programme will be sent to you. Choose an activity that appeals and contact the co-ordinator. We’ll see you on the water!










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