Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Inc.

Club Executive 2017

ROLE   Emergency Contact Numbers*
Commmodore Greg Simson  
Vice Commodore Phil Long  
Treasurer Naomi Edwards  
Secretary Veronica Steane  
Trip Program Co-ordinator Allan Lee  
Training Co-ordinator    
Assistant Secretary (Newsletter)    
Magazine Editor Greg Simson  
Membership Officer Paul Kenny  
Website Manager John Dawson  
Librarian Bill Reynolds  
Mould Manager Mike Emery  
Boat Custodian: Greenlander Bill Reynolds  
Equipment Custodians: PLBs, Radios, GPS units Mike Comfort
Allan Lee
Media enquiries (urgent) Jean Jackson  0427 206 644

Emergency Contacts (for club trips)

Geoff Murray

Terry Sykes

0438 050 955

03 6225 2045


* Emergency contact numbers are provided for people who wish to contact a club officer because a club trip is running late or may be in some trouble.  

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