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Commodore’s Report 2015 - 2016 2
A brief history of the TSCC 3
Maria Island Adventure 4
A paddle in paradise 5
Launceston to Hobart 6
Deep Glen Bay 10
Tying down your kayak’s bow to a vehicle 11
Paddling the Dordogne River , France 12
Paddling from Peel, UK 15
An observed rescue, Dingle , Ireland 17
Two nights on Tasman Island 18
Getting your kayak off the garage floor 21
Wild Shots 22,23
A Bruny Island circumnavigation 24
Designing and building a Greenland Rolling kayak 26
Favourite paddling spots 28
Short paddles around Hobart 30
The things you find on a paddle #1 33
How Betsey Island got its name 33
The things you find on a paddle #2 34
MOFO by kayak 35
Baidarka building - or a story of two smiles 36
Making a plywood CLC kayak 38
TSCC Club Facilities 40