Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Inc.

TSCC Club Introduction Training Day                                      

New members wanting to go on club trips are required to attend an introduction day first.

The aim of the Club Introduction Training Day is to introduce new members to the clubs philosophy and operating procedures, basic safety concepts, gear, basic strokes, wet exits and rescues.

By the end of the day, members should be well on the way to being able to:

      1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic sea kayaking safety & paddler responsibility
      2. Be aware of capabilities of sea kayaks
      3. Demonstrate safe entry and exit, launch and land on easy sandy beach or riverbank
      4. Paddle efficiently into, across and down wind
      5. Perform turns, emergency stops, rafting up and dispersing in a controlled manner
      6. Perform support and bracing strokes
      7. Confidently capsize and perform rescues as both rescuer and patient

You will need to obtain a suitable kayak and be dressed for immersion (ie. capsizing and getting back into the boat) for the day’s activities. Please discuss what you have and will need to have when you ring.

Details of who to contact are in the club welcome email when you join, of feel free to contact us if you have more general questions before hand.


Risk Warning:

Sea kayaking is a dangerous recreational activity exposing participants to known and unanticipated risks, dangers and hazards. These could result in serious physical or emotional injury, even death; or damage to your own or others' property. Such risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardising the essential qualities of the activity.

The Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Inc. is an association whose members enjoy paddling open waters. The Club organises trips, training events and social functions. In doing so it is able to share its accumulated experience with those who are interested in taking up these activities. However, Club members do this on a voluntary basis only and any person taking part in a Club trip, or using Club equipment or acting on advice from a Club member or office bearer, does so entirely at their own risk. Club co-ordinators are not trained professional leaders.

In particular, trips listed in the Club's published programme will often have some indication of the difficulty or exposure that can be expected, and/or an indication of the experience required of a participating member. This advice is given in good faith, but there is no such thing as a completely safe trip, and even trips aimed at the inexperienced, and organised on our most sheltered waters can become difficult or dangerous in adverse weather. Such weather is not necessarily predictable and adverse changes can occur suddenly.

Participants in Club activities are responsible for their decision to participate and for making an assessment of the risks involved. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure their own safety. This includes ensuring their kayak is properly equipped and in a seaworthy condition; that appropriate equipment and clothing is carried and that they do not to endanger others by their actions or inactions.

Family members younger than 18 may participate in club activities if:-

  • They are accompanied by an adult member who accepts responsibility for them; and
  • Their participation is agreed with the relevant trip coordinator

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