TSCC Club Introduction Training Day                                      

The aim of the Club Introduction Training Day is to introduce new members to the clubs philosophy and operating procedures, basic safety concepts, gear, basic strokes, wet exits and rescues.

By the end of the day, members shoudl be well on the way to being able to:

      1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic sea kayaking safety & paddler responsibility
      2. Be aware of capabilities of sea kayaks
      3. Demonstrate safe entry and exit, launch and land on easy sandy beach or riverbank
      4. Paddle efficiently into, across and down wind
      5. Perform turns, emergency stops, rafting up and dispersing in a controlled manner
      6. Perform support and bracing strokes
      7. Confidently capsize and perform rescues as both rescuer and patient

Although subject to variation (with actual dates advertised in the club's newsletter) Club Introduction Training days are generally run on the second sunday of every second month (February, April, June, August, October and December).

Feel free to contact us to find out the next club training day.