Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Inc.

2023-2024 Tasmanian Sea Canoe Club Executive and Key Contacts

Name  Role Emergency Contact Numbers*
Bill Reynolds Commodore  Terry Sykes 0362252045, 0407242937
Bob Donovan Vice Commodore  Geoff Murray 0438050955. 
Sebastian Rainer Treasurer  
Cas Pitt Secretary  
George Bills
Committee member
John Dawson Committee member  
Melanie O'Connell Committee member  
Sam Picot Committee member  
Matthew Gee Committee member  
Non-committee roles    
Public Officer Bill Reynolds  
Program coordinator John Dawson  
Editor club magazine Melanie O'Connell  
Librarian Melanie O'Connell  
Web manager John Dawson  
Mould Manager John Deane  
Gear and Boat Custodians Allan Lee, Bill Reynolds, Jean Jackson  


* Emergency contact numbers are provided for people who wish to contact a club officer because a club trip is running late or may be in some trouble.   

Previous Executive Committees

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