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One of the benefits of membership is free access to the clubs library of books, dvds and magazine subscriptions, and the club is always open to purchasing relevant publications that club members might be interested in.

Listed below are the books, dvds and magazines currently held in the club library.

Please note that as from September 2012, unless otherwise organised with the Librarian, items borrowed at a General Meeting must be returned by the next General Meeting or you will be invoiced for the replacement cost of item.


Sea Kayaking – Nigel Foster
The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking – Derek Hutchinson
An Introduction to Sea Kayaking in Queensland – Gerrard Effency
Sea Kayak Guide to New Zealand’s Upper North Island – Vincent Maire
Associations and Clubs Law in Australia and New Zealand
Three Men in a Raft – Ben Kozel
Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation – David Burch
Keep Australia on your Left – Eric Stiller
Circumnavigation of Tas
Deep Trouble
Safety & Rescue
The Bombproof Roll
Surf Kayaking Foster
Eskimo Rolling
Obscured By Waves (South Island Kayak Odyssey) - Paul Caffyn
The Dreamtime Voyage (Around Australia Kayak Odyssey)- Paul Caffyn
Australian Pilot Vol ll 2001
Kayaks across Bass Strait - Geoff Murray
Unclaimed Coast, Kayak around South Georgia
Kayaks of Greenland – Harvey Golden
Crossing the Ditch – James Castrission
The Little Kayak Book – John Brand
Part II of The Little Kayak Book – John Brand
Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC – Guides Technical Manual
Sleeping Bag Yoga – Stretch Relax Energize for Hikers bikers & kayakers – Erin Widman
Sea Kayak – Gordon Brown
Sea Kayak Handling – Doug Cooper
Sea Kayaker's "More Deep Trouble" - more true stories and their lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine
Sea Kayaking Illustrated - A visual guide to better paddling
Rough Water Handling – Doug Cooper
On Celtic Tides, One Mans Journey around Ireland by Sea Kayak – Chris Duff
Southern Exposure, A solo sea kayaking journey around New Zealand's South Island – Chris Duff
Sea Kayaking Safety Guide (Canada) – Kayak Federation
Back Country Byways, Exploring the North Island Countryside – Wayne Thompson & ross White
Water's Edge, Women who push the limits in Rowing, Kayaking & Canoeing – Linda Lewis
Paddle to the Amazon – Don Starkell
Canoe Building in Glass Reinforced Plastic – Alan Byde
The Spirit of Canoe Camping, A Handbook for Wilderness Canoeists – Harry Drabik
The Big Wilderness Canoe Manual – Bob Cary
Kayak Cookery, A Handbook of Provisions and Recipes – Linda Daniel
Exploring the Yukon River – Archie Satterfield
Tasmania's Offshore Islands: Seabirds & other natural features – Nigel Brothers
The Practical Guide to Kayaking and Canoeing - Bill Mattos
Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador - Nigel Foster
Paddling my Own Canoe - Audrey Sutherland
Paddling North - Audrey Sutherland
Small ships that saved my life - Bern Cutherbertson
At one with the sea - Naomi James



Circumnavigation of Tas Leif Poncet
Cold water boot camp
Eskimo Rolling (from VHS)
Greenland 2012 - Geoff Murray & Greg Simson
Greenlanders at Kodiak (from VHS)
Kayak Surf Skills (from VHS)
Kayaking the Aleutians - 2 copies
Nigel Fosters Sea Kayaking Series - Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 
Paddle Safe
Rough Water Handling
Sea Kayak Design & Evolution in Tasmania – Adrian Dean
Sea Kayak Design & Evolution in Tasmania – Adrian Dean – audio
Sea Kayak Safety – Leo Hoare & Olly Sanders
Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Volumes 1 and 2 (original and copy)
This is the Sea 1, 2 (missing as at June 2023), 3 (missing as at June 2023), 4, 5 (2 copies)
Into the Wind, 1000 Mile Journey by Sea Kayak around Ireland – Harry Whelan & Jeff Allen
This is the Roll – Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson (x2)
Sea Kayak Essentials Vol 1, Intermediate & Advanced Boat Handling Skills – Nick Cunliffe (missing as at June 2023)  
Seekajak Issues 1-141 years 1986 - 2014
The Kayak Forward Stroke - Greg Barton/Oscar Chalupski
The Kayak Roll (from VHS)
Using your VHF Marine Radio (june 2012) - 4 copies
West Coast Trip - 2013 - Macquarie Harbour to Hobart


Qajaq Klobben Youth Holiday Program
Safe in their Hands
Greenlanders at Kodiak
Performance Sea Kayaking
Kayak Surf Skills
The Kayak Roll
Sea Kayaking, A comprehensive reference for the Beginning Sea Kayaker
Eskimo Rolling with Rod Harris (2 copies)


Boat Building Notes – 2 Folders
TSCC Journals – Sea Canoeing
WA Sea Kayaker
Sea Kayaker Magazines
NSW Sea Kayaker Magazines
Boating Weather Series - Wind Waves Weather – Tasmania x 2
See Kajak (German)
Connaissance (French)?
Asknet – NZ
Advanced Sea Kayak Club (UK)
Investigator (SA)
Sea Trek (Vic)
Ocean Kayaker
International Sea Kayak Club (UK)
Bay Currents North Sounder (US)
Ocean Paddler (UK)

   Club Member Online Access


RPDC – Report on Kent Group National Park Draft Management Plan 2003
Marine & Safety Tasmania – Recreational Boating Safety Review April 2000
Melaleuca – Port Davey – Area Plans July 2002
Snapshot of the South East – Regional Marine Plan
Guidelines for Managing Risk in Sport & Recreation – Standards Australia
Crawford’s Marine Atlas – Port Stephens to Jervis Bay
Admiralty Sailing Directions Australia Pilot Volume 11
A Way through the Wilderness Track Assessment April 2000 x 2
Draft Management Plans 2000      -Small Bass Strait Island Reserves
-Tasman National Park
-Freycinet National Park x 2
-Small North East Islands
-Small South East Islands

State Library of Tasmania

Members are also reminded that the State Library of Tasmania has a pretty decent collection of Sea Kayaking books and DVDs.  Just search for "Sea Kayaking" and go from there.

These are nearly 100 books, DVDs and publications the State Library holds on sea kayaking, and of course it's free to be a member and they'll deliver the books to your nearest State Library Branch.

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