The Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club comprises a group of people who enjoy canoeing (kayaking) on many different water environs, particularly the sea and open waters.

Members offer their knowledge and experience on a voluntary basis and any person taking part in a Club activity, or using Club equipment, or acting on the advice of a Club member does so entirely at their own risk. All members should take the time to research and understand the degree of physical risk involved in each activity. Members should use all the required equipment and make sure that it works.

We organise and offer activities on our Club programme on the understanding that the organiser is a co-ordinator and not a leader. Each participant on a Club trip is responsible for their decision to participate and to make an assessment of the risk involved. We stress that on a Club activity each member has a responsibility for the safety of the group and should at all times be mindful of the safety of the group.

Activities listed in the Club’s programme will often have some indication of the expected difficulty or exposure, and the experience required of the participating paddler. This advice is given in good faith, but there is no such thing as a completely safe canoeing activity, and even those aimed at the inexperienced and on our most sheltered waters can become difficult or dangerous in adverse weather. Such weather is not necessarily predictable, and adverse changes can occur suddenly.

Members should participate whenever possible in any training, rescue and safety activities to enhance their skills and maximise the safety of their canoeing.

Above all, we share a philosophy of mutual benefit and co-operation in canoeing and related activities. Members organise trips and training to help other members and visitors gain enjoyment from the sport of canoeing and are pleased to share accumulated experience with those who are interested in taking up the sport. We trust that in turn these people will also make a contribution to the benefit, progress and success of the Club.

For more information please read the clubs trip participation standards