Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club Inc.

Member Services

The Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club (TSCC) offers the following services to financial members:


Trip Program

The TSCC publishes a trip program on-line and as part of each two monthly newsletter. The program may include half-day, full-day and multi-day sea kayaking trips as well as training sessions, seminars and social gatherings. Sea kayaking trips indicate a level of training and experience required for the trip and it will be normally up to the coordinator of the trip to make a final decision on a member's suitability. Family members under 18 year olds may participate in club activities if accompanied by an adult member who is responsible for them and if agreeable by the relevant trip coordinator. All members are encouraged to offer suitable events for the trip program.

Website access

Financial members can register to gain access to the full features of the club website that include an on-line trip calendar, membership list, trip reports and a forum.

Club Meetings

Apart from regular kayak trips the TSCC meets once every two months to discuss club business and often to invite guest speakers or members to address the meeting. The meeting venue and time may vary from time to time but are advertised in the club newsletter.


Apart from six newsletters per year the TSCC publishes its own magazine Sea Canoeing each year. Contributions from members on any matters relating to sea kayaking are welcomed.


The TSCC has a library of sea kayaking related material including books, training videos, commercial and club magazines. The library is stored at the meeting venue and is available to members at the two monthly meetings and at other times by arrangement with the club librarian. Members are requested to limit borrowing time to the interval between consecutive meetings.

Sea Kayak for Hire

The TSCC has a Dagger Exodus sea kayak for hire to members at $10 per day. The boat comes with spraydeck, PFD, paddle and hand operated bilge pump. It is generally available to members for use on club trips and in certain circumstances on other private trips. Conditions for the hire apply and are available from the boat custodian.  Members are responsible for picking up and dropping off the boat themselves at a suitable time arranged with the Boat Custodian. 

Moulds for Fibreglass Sea Kayaks

The TSCC owns moulds for four single sea kayaks (Greenlander, Nordkapp, Moonbird and North Sea Tourer) and one double sea kayak (Dean 21). The moulds are available to members for building of sea kayaks for members personal (non-commercial) use. Mould fees of $50 per single and $100 per double are charged. Other conditions apply and are available from the mould manager.

Other Equipment

The TSCC has other items of sea kayak equipment available for loan by members on club and private trips. In particular the club has a GPS unit, two mini PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) and two SSB SW Receivers (for marine weather reports). Users of the PLBs should be aware of their limitations as outlined in their instruction card.  A club member also has a satellite phone that they are willing to hire (or come to some arrangement) with club members for use on paddling trips to remote areas. Contact a member of teh executive for more information.

The TSCC also keeps a stock of (empty) 10 litre wine bladders for sale to members ($2.50 each).  These are ideal for placing in empty hatches just in case things go wrong and a hatch gets flooded during a capsize in rough weather conditions.


As a member of Paddle Australia, the TSCC and its members are covered by their insurance policy with V-Insurance Group which covers a range of activities. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this policy and when and where it may apply.  The Insurance is paid for by your annual membership fee.

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